Bedroom Designs That Buyers Loathe

The decor scheme in a bedroom often gets personal, and that personality may be turning off some home buyers when it’s time to sell. When listing a home, personal taste is best minimized, especially in bedrooms. Real estate and design experts offer their tips of design trends to avoid in bedroom decor: 1. Bright paint … Read more

3 House-Hunting Tips for Car Owners

In all the hustle and bustle of searching for a new home, it’s easy for your clients to overlook how and where their car is going to live. But there are important factors for house-hunters to consider when it comes to their vehicles—namely those related to safety, security, and convenience—that may impact how they feel … Read more

‘No Knock’ Registry Is a Jab at Real Estate

Longtime Jersey City, N.J., homeowners say they’ve been harassed by real estate solicitations in recent months. They’re hoping the city’s new “No Knock” registry will put an end to the door knocks inquiring if they want to sell their home. Read more: 6 People Real Estate Pros Should Know The Jersey City Council recently unanimously … Read more