Housing Trend to Watch: The ‘Surban’

Suburban and urban areas are combining to create a new kind of living style known as the “surban.” Many in the real estate industry are predicting it to be one of the hottest housing trends to watch heading into the new year. A surban offers greater walkability to retail and restaurants from a home or apartment, but … Read more

Why Christmas Trees Are Pricier This Year

Homeowners will have to reach deeper in their pockets to afford a real Christmas tree this year because of lower supplies that are contributing to a 10 percent hike in prices over last year, The New York Times reports. “We’re not going to be short; everybody looking for a real tree will be able to … Read more

Warning Signs of Underlying Property Defects

When you and your buyers are touring open houses, tell them to watch for signs of larger issues with the property. Jenna Dougherty and Greta Eoff of the DeMasi Group at Keller Williams Realty in Davis, Calif., shared items that should raise alarms for buyers. Overpowering scent. If sellers are being too heavy-handed with scented … Read more