Code of Ethics Training

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REALTORS® are required to complete Ethics training of not less than 2½ hours of instructional time within four-year cycles.  The current four-year cycle ends December 31, 2016.

The National Association of REALTORS® Code of Ethics Training is now available online:

New Member Code of Ethics Orientation Course. AREC Class# 2931

Existing Member Code of Ethics Training. AREC Class# 2932

Training may be completed through the Anchorage Board of REALTORS® at the monthly session, through classes offered by private instructors, or online as shown below. Course #2404 through the Board is offered free of charge as are the online courses.

The Alaska Real Estate Commission has approved the National Association of REALTORS Code of Ethics classes for 2 Hours of Elective Continuing Education Credit. REALTORS® taking online course will be responsible for providing the Anchorage Board of REALTORS® with a certificate of completion prior to the cycle ending date. At that time, the Board will issue a certificate for 2 hours ECE credit.

Contact Kay DuBois for certificate or 561-2338

 Live course offered at the Board Offices

  • Pre-registration required
  • Alaska Real Estate Commission Course #2404
  • Ethical Decision Making (Current Alaska Real Estate Legal and Ethical Issues) 2 ECE credits and 2 DCE credits

If you have completed REALTOR® Orientation within the past four years, either in the Board offices, through a private instructor, or have taken NAR’s on-line course, you have satisfied this requirement.

For more information please contact Kay DuBois at or 907-561-2338.